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Support The Baron, defend Reuters

Last month The Baron drew attention to a dangerous threat to the reputation of Reuters News posed by Thomson Reuters’ signature of a covenant supporting the British armed forces. The resulting outcry among people who made Reuters great in the past led to a subsequent decision by the company to withdraw from it.


In that month, The Baron recorded 61,155 page views, the second highest ever. There is little doubt therefore that The Baron helped reverse the damage done by departing from the news service’s commitment to independence.


We ask for your help in continuing to report about Reuters, Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv fearlessly, honestly and accurately. Tell editor Barry May what’s going on by emailing - confidentiality guaranteed. Don’t hold back: you can help bring about change for the better.


Behind The Baron stands an Editorial Advisory Board consisting of 16 former Reuters employees who held senior positions in management and editorial. The latest addition is Barry Moody, former correspondent, bureau chief and editor in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. See full list on


Besides publishing, The Baron co-hosts (with The Reuter Society) online talks by former Reuters people who flourish in many walks of life. They are stimulating and often amusing. Details of the The Baron’s Briefings are on the website.


The Baron would benefit from your support also financially. Everyone works for it pro bono, but funds are needed to keep the site user-friendly. You can contribute at, or by emailing for bank account details, using Paypal or sending a cheque.


All of us at The Baron wish you a festive end to the year, and good fortune and good health in 2022. ■