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Reuters names new editor in push for better US company news reporting

Reuters appointed a new company news editor for the Americas with a mission to get everyone in the region thinking about ways to tell corporate stories.

Dayan Candappa, Americas editor, said Eric Effron (photo), “knows he faces demands for deeper, broader and smarter company news from virtually every audience Reuters serves. Better corporate coverage is the biggest and most urgent news need of each of the major customer groups of the Financial and Risk business. Well reported, original corporate stories are a critical component of our offering on the consumer, media and legal platforms.”

It’s a great opportunity for Effron and his team to transform the way they approach company news, Candappa said. “The rest of us must seize the moment to add a new dimension to our reporting. Companies, like humans, are actors in every drama we cover from sports and entertainment to conflicts, politics and economic policy. This region is exploding with great stories that affect the corporate world and we all have an opportunity to tell them.”

Effron joined Thomson Reuters in 2010 to launch the company’s first legal news stream, building a team of journalists to serve legal clients along with financial and media clients. Previously he was managing editor and then executive editor of The Week magazine, overseeing its business, political and cultural coverage. ■

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