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UK pension fund holds election for trustee vacancy

Two candidates are standing for election as a member nominated trustee and managing committee director of Reuters Pension Fund.

They are Maureen Laurie, formerly Reuters’ corporate personnel manager, and Marion Leslie, Thomson Reuters’ global head of instrument and pricing content in the financial and risk division.

Laurie joined the Pension Review Group this year “as its determined campaign for a new 10 year agreement to protect discretionary inflation-linked increases was nearing conclusion. There are more challenges yet to come,” she said in an election statement. “As a Trustee, I would bring extensive HR experience to support the Managing Committee in ensuring the long term security of the Fund.”

Leslie said: “As a Trustee I would work with advisers and members to safeguard our pension fund, reviewing the investment strategy to reduce the deficit and address the challenges of diminishing returns in traditional markets, increasing market volatility and changing regulations.”

The election arises from the resignation of Peter Fanning, who has served two four-year terms as a trustee since retiring as Reuters’ pensions manager in 2000.

Seven trustees serve on the managing committee of the Fund, which was founded by Reuters in 1893. Three are nominated by members and three are chosen by the company, which also appoints a chairman.

At the latest count on 31 December 2011, RPF had 7,688 members comprising 591 active (that is those still employed by Thomson Reuters and therefore contributing to the Fund), 5,464 deferred (that is people who have left Reuters or Thomson Reuters employment and are therefore no longer contributing to the Fund), and 1,633 pensioners, including dependents of members who have died.

The election is being conducted by Electoral Reform Services. Voting – by post or online – closes on 14 November. ■

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