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Thomson Reuters warns staff: Don't give or accept bribes

Thomson Reuters' top lawyer reiterated company anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy on Wednesday and told the group's 60,000 staff in more than 100 countries there was no tolerance for offering, giving or receiving bribes.

“During this final quarter of 2012, we are all under pressure to help drive our business forward to meet our end-of-year financial goals,” general counsel Deirdre Stanley said in a note. “I appreciate the challenge of reaching sales targets, and am mindful of the customs and cultural expectations to show thanks to suppliers, clients and associates in the many countries in which we operate.”

She said the company’s anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy offers further guidance from the code of conduct and ethics “to navigate the potential minefield of gifts, hospitality, payments and other benefits”.

Heading into the holiday season, Stanley spelt out some basic principles: 

Ensure we never offer, give or accept any improper gift, hospitality, payment or other benefit to or from anybody, anytime, for any reason;

Keep accurate books and records of all payments we make and receive;

Ensure that third parties working on Thomson Reuters behalf do the same;

Report potential violations in a timely manner to your manager, legal representative or to our Business Conduct and Ethics Hotline.”

She added: “Thomson Reuters has no tolerance for its employees or anyone acting on its behalf offering, giving or receiving bribes.” ■

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