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Where are they now?

Reuters Pension Fund is trying to trace four members who have reached normal retirement age and are due to start drawing their benefits, and the widow of another former member. The Fund has no contact details for them and searches through the UK Department for Work and Pensions have proved unsuccessful. The names are:

  • Asa B Davie (Reuters 1974-1976) whose last known address was in Evanston, Illinois.
  • Virginia R Lovett (Reuters 1978-1979) whose last known address was in Barnes, London.
  • L Fasciocco (Reuters New York 1972-1984) whose last known address was in the United States.
  • Oliver E A Scott (Reuters 1969-1976).

The RPF also wishes to contact Rani Perera, widow of KBC Perera (joined Reuters 1956, died on 22 February 1990), whose last address was Godakawela, Sri Lanka. She is currently in receipt of a spouse’s pension from the Fund.

If you know the current whereabouts of those named above please contact the Thomson Reuters Members Services Centre at Capita Hartshead, Hartshead House, 2 Cutlers Gate, Sheffield S4 7TL, United Kingdom.

Call 0800 077 8250 in UK or +44 114 273 8397 from elsewhere.