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Barry May remembered in donation to The Baron

The Coriander Investment Club has made a substantial donation to The Baron in memory of Barry May, who was a leading light in the group.

At its June meeting, the club of former Reuters colleagues voted unanimously to donate £500 to The Baron and an equal amount to The Journalists’ Charity, founded by Charles Dickens in 1864 to help UK journalists and their dependants going through tough times.

Tony Winning, a former correspondent and editor at Reuters and a member of the club, writes:

While Barry May’s fame is legend as a fine journalist and pioneering founder of The Baron website, his keen interest in the stock market is perhaps not so well known to the wider Reuters family.

But as the founding editor of the Reuters Business Report in Europe, he was a natural for The Coriander Investment Club, a group of retired Reuters friends and colleagues who got together at the turn of the millennium to have lunch, enjoy each other’s company and play the markets for a bit of fun.

Now, more than 20 years down the track, the Coriander (strange name, long story for another time), is still going strong and meeting monthly, either in an agreeable London watering hole or on Zoom – a boon during the Covid lockdowns. It has 20 members, mainly from editorial at the beginning but now from most parts of the company.   

Barry was a leading member of the Club, and one of the most successful, an early supporter of the U.S. tech sector in general and Apple in particular. He championed the Silicon Valley giant for years, knew all about its products and made the Club a pretty penny from its rocketing share price.