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Reuters editor-in-chief to step down

Stephen Adler, editor-in-chief of Reuters for the past ten years, will retire in three months' time.

He told staff in a statement on Wednesday that it had been an honour “and certainly the highlight of my career, to lead this extraordinary news organization”.


Adler, 66, a former editor with The Wall Street Journal, wrote: “I am so grateful to you, my consummately talented and hard-working colleagues. You are simply the most dedicated, courageous, and engaging group of journalists I have every known.”


He said he was as sad to be leaving as he was proud of “the consequential work we have done together. We have reported the news with speed, accuracy, fairness, and insight in every medium. We have provided unique value to our customers, spoken truth to power, and made the world a better place with our factual and fearless journalism.” ■