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Alexa, where do you get your news? Reuters

Reuters has struck a deal with Amazon for the voice service Alexa to use its news stories to answer questions.

Amazon will use Reuters news to help answer customer questions via the voice service powering more than 150 different products from Echo devices to headphones and PCs to cars and smart home devices.

To do so, Reuters is delivering Alexa more than 45,000 stories each month. Coverage will include a variety of topics including breaking news, politics, business, sports and entertainment.

“We are delighted to be working with Amazon on this project.," Reuters president Michael Friedenberg said. "Reuters news covers the real world in real time, providing trusted intelligence that powers humans and machines to make informed decisions. This collaboration calls on that strength and also leverages the metadata and best-in-class API that make us an ideal partner for technology companies and voice services.”

The move follows the two organisations’ collaboration in 2017 to use Reuters Now as a trusted news briefing programme on Echo Show in the United States. ■