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Towards a 'stronger, more flexible, modern newsroom'

Reuters is getting ready for steps towards its Newsroom of the Future project aimed at what editor-in-chief Stephen Adler (photo) calls a "stronger, more flexible and modern newsroom".

The soft launch of several editorial processes including a new global desk and spot enterprise editing structure begins on Monday.

“These changes will help us adopt smarter, simpler, more customer-focused and more journalist-friendly ways of working,” Adler told staff.

More details were given in an editorial staff call today.

“While I’m thrilled that we’re ready to launch, we have a great deal of work ahead of us,” Adler said. “I deeply believe the plans we’re sharing will make us better, but we will succeed only if we all commit to the transformation in our processes and in our culture.”

Adler praised a highly collaborative effort, with many individual discussions, working group sessions, and off-site meetings and much self-reflection, and he gave special thanks to senior editors Simon Robinson, Tiffany Wu and Alessandra Galloni for their leadership.

More appointments to the new global news desk have been made. They include: Ed Tobin, financial desk editor based in New York, and Carmel Crimmins, financial desk deputy editor based in Dublin, who will oversee our editing of corporate, economic, finance, markets, commodities and energy stories.

In March, Tobin won a Reuters Journalist of the Year award for his work elevating the company news file in the Americas.

Crimmins was named a Reuters Journalist of the Year in 2007 for reporting on the suppression of pro-democracy protests in Myanmar.

Mike Collett-White and Janet Lawrence have been appointed media and consumer desk editors. Both are based in London, where they work closely with editor for media news strategy Jane Barrett and editor for media and consumer Leela de Kretser

Collett-White was named Reuters editor of the year in 2016 for his work in Kabul. He took over as EMEA top news editor in 2017.

Frances Kerry has been appointed weekend editor in London. With Dan Wallis in New York, she will run the global file and desk operations on Saturdays and Sundays. Reuters is still looking for a weekend editor for the Asia time zone. ■