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Those we lost in 2013

The following Reuters people died in 2013:

  • Molhem Barakat, 17, a freelance photographer working for Reuters in Syria.
  • Colin Bickler, 78, former correspondent, editor and manager.
  • Roland Dallas, 77, former correspondent and features desk editor.
  • John Earle, 92, former journalist.
  • Helga Frankel, former researcher in the Reuters library.
  • Jack Hartzman, 81, former assistant news editor.
  • Alexandre 'Aleco' Joannides, 90, former correspondent, manager, and founding chairman of The Reuter Society.
  • Yasser Faysal al-Joumaili, 32, former cameraman.
  • John Keating, 46, former global head of mechanical, electrical and plumbing service operations.
  • Charles “Chuck” Kershner, 70, former correspondent, editor and senior news executive.
  • Keith Leighty, 61, former editor in charge.
  • Odile Leroux, 86, former French Service Africa specialist.
  • Muhanad Mohamed, former correspondent in Baghdad.
  • Jerry Norton, 67, former correspondent and editor.
  • Peter O’Neill, former sub-editor and correspondent.
  • Gerald Ratzin, 79, former correspondent and manager.
  • Robin Strathdee, 68, former correspondent.


This item was updated on 26 and 31 December. Readers who know of others who died in 2013 but are not listed above are asked to advise the editor. ■