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Thomson Reuters shares top five leading publishers

Thomson Reuters tops a list of the five leading companies in the publishing industry as measured by their shares' relative performance, the website SmarTrend said on Thursday.

Its ranking was based on Wednesday's trading activity in SmarTrend’s search for stocks that have the potential to outperform. SmarTrend uses stock analysis software to scrutinise more than 5,000 securities traded on major US exchanges in real-time to predict future trend direction.

Thomson Reuters shares closed on Wednesday at $37.59 in New York and C$38.59 in Toronto.


  • Thomson Reuters - 0.48 per cent gain
  • Gannett - 0.45 per cent loss
  • McGraw-Hill - 0.56 per cent loss
  • The New York Times - 0.72 per cent loss
  • Valassis Communications - 1.36 loss.