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The Cap'n

How sad I was to read of the death of David Skinner, aka The Cap’n. I worked with him for some years in Hong Kong and was astounded when I saw the state of his door at home which had been the recipient of many an exotic arrow. Heaven knows what the landlord thought of it all.


I didn’t know the origins of The Cap’n moniker but I do recall that Gerry Corran’s daughter had another belter of a name for him - Mr Mumblyman.


His general knowledge was astounding and it was basically down to him that the Reuters quiz team was eventually banned from entering most pub quizzes because we were unbeatable when he was along.


I recall one quiz we were at when there was an absolute stinker of an astronomy question in a tie break. We were all at a total loss and were about to concede. We had no idea.


“Try lota Carinae,” he said. He was right. How on Earth did he know that? 


“It was a guess.”


Cheers, Cap’n, condolences to your loved ones. It was a privilege. ■