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David Skinner: a different background

I first met David in London, and then again while working in Asia, including in Hong Kong. He was always laid-back, had a very dry Australian sense of humour, and was greatly appreciated by all those who worked with him. Also known as the "Cap'n", he was a colleague whom his fellow Reuter journalists liked and admired.


Apart from his love of Scrabble he had another passion outside Reuters - archery, especially the different types of tribal bows and arrows, including poisoned arrows, used in Papua New Guinea for which he was recognised as an international expert, a passion which he had picked up from his father who had worked there as an Australian administrator. He could also discuss the complexities of the different types of bows used by the Mongols in their conquests.


Quite a different background from many Reuter journalists and a fascinating character. He will be missed with regret by the many who knew him. ■