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Old book rises from the ashes in new edition

The Monkey House was my first novel, published 23 years ago. It was bashed out on a reconditioned Vitel “green screen”, bought at a knockdown price from Reuters. This rather grim read went into several UK imprints before sinking into oblivion. It was published across Europe while in the US it vanished almost immediately without trace (well, a story based in Bosnia (no, not Bosnia, Idaho) and featuring a main character named Rosso was never going to hit the bestseller lists). Now it’s back, I’m glad to report, resurrected as an ebook on Amazon, Apple and Kobo. And Goodreads.

Here’s the link:

PS: My new novel - equally harsh and written as a present to myself in time for my 70th birthday - should be out in a couple of weeks. ■