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A natural teacher

Following on from his career with Reuters, Roger Jeal made a significant contribution to the news writing programmes of the Reuters Foundation. He was a natural teacher.


He joined a team of trainers who taught Reuters-style methods to journalists from the new media of the ex-Soviet bloc and from the press of the developing world, in the form of short practical courses in London and abroad.


Roger’s specialist field was economic and financial news, always much in demand. He used the lessons of his own career as a business news correspondent to inspire a generation of younger journalists, enthusiastically picking up the torch first lit for the Foundation by the great Reg Watts.


He was meticulous in the preparation of expert and imaginative material for his classes. He also participated actively in the social side of the Foundation programmes, together with his wife Janet.


Roger soon built up his own international fan club among the trainees. He will be missed in many newsrooms around the world. ■