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World Press Freedom - but not for jailed reporters

Reuters chiefs renewed calls for the immediate release of two reporters imprisoned in Myanmar and said these are treacherous times for journalists.

In a joint message to mark World Press Freedom Day, Reuters president Michael Friedenberg and editor-in-chief Stephen Adler said:

“These are treacherous times for journalists and - consequently - for the billions of people around the globe whose lives can be informed, improved and sometimes even saved by the work journalists do. At a time when the world’s need for accurate information is unprecedented, those who seek to gather and share it are under relentless attack.

“On World Press Freedom Day, we recognize the many journalists around the world who risk their lives and their freedom to report the news, including our colleagues Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who have now spent 508 days imprisoned in Myanmar simply for doing their jobs. We continue to fight for their freedom and call for their immediate release.” ■