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Those we lost in 2014

The following Reuters people past and present died this year:

  • Bob Beattie, 71, product manager in London and New York.
  • David Betts, 78, former world services editor.
  • Gerald “Jerry” Bieszk, 66, former commodities reporter in Chicago.
  • Barb Burg, 50, global head of communications.
  • Murad Chawki, former sales and marketing manager in the Middle East and Asia.
  • Ronald 'Nobby' Clarke, 86, former correspondent and editor.
  • Frances Dennis, 90, former sub-editor on the North American and Central desks in London.
  • Peter Desbarats, former sub-editor on the NorDesk in London.
  • Michael Dixon, former marketing manager in London and Singapore.
  • Michael Edbrooke, 61, former Reuters corporate picture librarian and photographer.
  • Jack Gee, 85, former correspondent in France and in China.
  • Eddie Gillis, 72, former UK London Field Group engineer and communications specialist.
  • Jimmy Hahn, 83, former South East Asia manager in Singapore.
  • Nick Hutton, former deputy editor-in-chief of Visnews.
  • Bill Jenkins, 71, former accountant in Europe and Asia.
  • Michael Littlejohns, 91, former chief correspondent at the United Nations.
  • Arch MacKenzie, 88, former journalist in London.
  • Martin Macleod, former international programme manager.
  • John McCallum, 90, former copy editor in London.
  • Ali Mehravari, 91, former correspondent, bureau chief and manager in Tehran.
  • Ray Rumble, 81, former special traffic manager in London.
  • Nigel Ryan, 83, a former correspondent.
  • Patrick Seale, 83, the first specialist economic correspondent assigned abroad by Reuters.
  • Debra Sherman, 51, a correspondent in the United States.
  • Jeremy Smith, 54, former deputy news editor at Reuters Television.
  • Michael Sposito, 57, former Visnews and Reuters Television bureau chief.
  • Reg Watts, 88, former commodities editor.