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Reuters launches new photo, video service in US

Reuters on Tuesday launched a one-stop self-service e-commerce website offering the rights to Reuters best archival pictures and video for sale directly to small and medium sized customers in the United States.

Through Reuters Access, book and magazine publishers, bloggers, educators, small businesses and not-for-profit companies can buy for editorial use original, high-quality photography and video content taken by Reuters award-winning photographers and video crews working around the world. The service features more than 26,000 photos from the last 15 years and 6,000 videos, some of which date back to the 19th century.

Publishers can purchase both digital and non-digital rights to single or multiple images or videos. Content covering subjects ranging from general and political, sports and business, to entertainment and lifestyle, is delivered instantly. Prices are determined by the resolution requested and the type of rights that are granted. Other features include a rewards programme through which customers can earn points to be used to redeem Reuters Access content, and Lightboxes that enable users to organise their favorite files based on specific topics or projects they are working on. There are plans to make more material available and expand into other regions, as well as make content available for commercial use.

“While our large publishing customers across the globe will continue to enjoy enterprise-level access to our content coupled with unmatched client support and service, now smaller businesses can get Reuters award-winning photography and video via an easy to use, elegant, and self-service e-commerce solution,” said Jason Fox (photo), global head, product, technology and program management. ■