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Thomson Reuters halts funding for Golf Society

Thomson Reuters has stopped its sponsorship of the Thomson Reuters Golf Society. It is the first time in the 40 years' history of the Society that the company has halted financial support. As a result, the programme for the forthcoming playing season has had to be curtailed.

Founded as Reuters Golf Society in the early 1970s, members play at various clubs around London for trophies donated by members and the company itself.

John Roche, secretary of the Society, told members: “As you are all aware these are very difficult financial times, and for the first time in 40 years the company has been unable to continue with its financial support of the society. We hope that in better times the company may be able to support us again in the future, but for now we have to cut our cloth to suit.”

As a result, the number of events this year is reduced to six, compared with eight in 2012, and some of the Society’s established venues have had to be dropped.

“Unfortunately the traditional opening day at St George’s Hill is no longer affordable in our current financial situation,” Roche said. End-of-year individual event trophies will be discontinued.

Membership continues to be free. ■

Thomson Reuters Golf Society