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Reuter Society creates Fund to help members in need

The Reuter Society on Thursday launched a benevolent fund to help members who have fallen on hard times.

The Reuter Society Fund will make occasional financial grants to members who are in need or difficulty, primarily to pay for exceptional medical care or other forms of short-term or emergency help.

It will use surplus cash from the Society’s own resources and donations, including legacies, from other sources. Grants will be single once-only payments for specific purposes. They are intended to be a resource of last resort for members in the absence of other public or private sources of support.

Establishment of the fund was approved at the Society’s 2012 annual general meeting. The Reuter Society was founded in 1990 by a group of recently retired colleagues “to preserve and continue the comradeship developed among the Members during their work for Reuters”. It has nearly 300 members.

Donations to the Fund can be made by contacting the chairman, Stephen Somerville, in the first instance. ■