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David Schlesinger wins an Emmy

Reuters editor-in-chief David Schlesinger has won an Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award for Business and Financial Reporting.

The award was made by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in the United States. Academy president and CEO Peter Price said “More than any other news organization, Reuters understands that there is no sharp dividing line between business reporting, political reporting, and other kinds of news.

“As Editor-in-Chief, David Schlesinger has preserved this venerable organization’s core journalistic values while enthusiastically embracing the possibilities and challenges of the digital age, and we are proud to honor him for this achievement.” 

“It may not have the glamor of an Emmy for best actor but it’s incredible recognition of what we all do here,” Schlesinger said. “I feel very keenly that my own contributions are nothing compared to the 2,500 people around the world working for Reuters News,” he told the company’s in-house Daily Briefing.

“It’s a great reward for us because it recognizes our commitment to business and financial news, which is core. And it’s especially true in the U.S. where we haven’t had as large a profile as we should have had.”

Schlesinger joined Reuters as a correspondent in Hong Kong in 1987. After assignments to Taiwan and China, in 1995 he became financial editor for the Americas and later managing editor and then editor for the Americas, based in New York. He was appointed global managing editor and head of editorial operations in 2003 and Editor-in-Chief in 2007.

The award is due to be presented at a ceremony at the Rainbow Room in New York on 2 December. ■