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Obituary: Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan, former assistant communications supervisor and one of Reuters' last uniformed messengers, died on 6 November 2008 aged 93.

Sullivan joined in 1929 as a 14-year-old messenger boy in the company’s blue uniform with brass buttons. His father, a London docker, had a friend who had recommended Rooters, as they called it, as a good job for the boy.

Sullivan’s messenger boy number was 53 and his wages were 16 shillings - equivalent to 80 pence now - per week. He worked his way up to number 36. At the age of 18 he moved to Despatch as a clerk/typist. Having learned to touch type at Reuters, during World War II he worked for the RAF as a telegraphist,. He returned to Reuters in 1947 and became a supervisor in the 1960s.

The funeral is at 12:45 pm on 20 November at Beckenham Crematorium. ■