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More news, analysis and commentary about TR, please

More of the same - that’s what most of the people responding to The Baron’s survey said they wanted. The majority of the 171 who participated look at the site several times a week. Interestingly, nearly half are current employees of Thomson Reuters.

Respondents said The Baron provides them with information about Thomson Reuters they would not otherwise have. Good. That’s the old tradition of Reuters - first with the news.

Some want to know about more than Editorial. Reuters, and now Thomson Reuters, has been on a huge roller-coaster ride in financial markets. Is there anyone out there who can analyse, strategise and share knowledge on this part of the business? It doesn’t deserve to be left out.

A small selection of comments is shown below. One participant said he doesn’t want too much grumpiness about the past. Nobody wants any punches to be pulled either, so frank and fearless The Baron will remain. However in any fast-moving business it’s extraordinarily hard to stay afloat. It would be good to hear also what does work. What about a few success stories which can show others the way forward? Or hard lessons which were learned in the past?

Lastly, for all that extra news, analysis and commentary you want, please help out. Editor Barry May needs whatever you can contribute. He operates the site on his own, but the more you can feed him, the more he can respond to your wishes. If you’re not sure, just ask him. All suggestions and ideas are welcome. Have a go! You can reach him at

Usage statistics for this year show a strong upward curve, as they have since The Baron started in 2008. Let’s do our bit to keep it that way. It’s in the hands of all of us.


  • Keep up the independent uninfluenced commentary - keep the Reuters perspective and tone.
  • The tone of the Baron could be far more neutral. It is very obvious reading the stories that the editors of the Baron have an intense dislike of current management and this informs many of the stories, right down to the way headlines are spun.
  • Like most of my colleagues still working at Reuters, I rely on the Baron for the real news about what is going on inside the company. Good job.
  • The Baron is a good and probably the only source from which I can know what is going on in TR after I left. Good job! Keep going.
  • More views from the staff about current developments in the Company otherwise there is a slight risk that the Baron will look more like a Management publicity machine.
  • This is an excellent product. The best way to find out what is going on in the company - and I work there!