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Building on The Baron's success

The new Editorial Advisory Board of The Baron has asked me to act as its Chairman, and I am glad to do so. The main purpose of introducing a Board is to build on the huge success The Baron has already achieved.

Since its start in 2008, usage has grown exponentially and page views now number over 1,000 a day, sometimes much higher. Its founder and editor, Barry May, has been running it single-handedly, and as The Baron moves onwards and upwards, Barry deserves support.

He’d like someone to work with him on editing and managing the site. We’re going to help him find that person.

Barry’s going to ensure The Baron remains easy-going, independent and open to all to contribute news and opinions.

There’s plenty of critical comment on the site, and that gives it spice. However it’s open too to anybody who wants to speak in a more positive vein. Huge change is going on in the business sectors in which Thomson Reuters operates. The Baron can be a forum for testing new ideas – in the media, but also in the other information and professional services in which Thomson Reuters and similar companies operate.

Bringing in more versatile content should make The Baron relevant to a wider range of people. Not just in America or Europe, but worldwide. The Baron is intended as a site for everybody, wherever they are.

Lastly, a word about money. Barry paid to set up the site, develop and upgrade it out of his own pocket (and his own work is for free). Donations have covered the operational costs, just, but they come in fitfully. If The Baron continues on its upward trend – and it will – there will be more costs down the line.

So I appeal to you as participants in The Baron to help finance its operations. Please click on the PayPal Donate button on the Home page to contribute electronically or get in touch if you prefer to pay by other means.

Feel free to contact Barry or me through All comments and ideas are welcome. Let’s give new wings to The Baron! ■