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The Baron has gained a steady following of regular readers over the past six years.

Now you can enhance the value of the site further by becoming a Friend of The Baron.

You may be one of those who visit this website frequently to keep up to date with news about Reuters, its owner Thomson Reuters, and the people who work for those companies or who have done so in the past.

Many thousands of readers follow The Baron on social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The fact that The Reuter Society, founded in London almost a quarter century ago, continues to thrive and that the Reuter Society of America was established in New York in September is proof that Reuters people like to stay in touch.

Members of this global community of Reuterians include many professionals who have moved on to other organisations but who retain an abiding interest in Reuters.

By becoming a Friend of The Baron you can help to sustain this website as the leading independent forum for Reuters people past and present.

The Baron remains free of advertising or of any form of sponsorship. It is not a business. Its sole purpose is to inform people who are interested in Reuters, be they current or former staff, or those in the global community of others who follow an organisation whose distinguished history and coveted reputation began more than 160 years ago.

The Baron is named after the organisation’s founder Paul Julius Reuter (photo), who later became Baron de Reuter. It receives no support from Reuters or Thomson Reuters. That is as it should be. The Baron is no place for corporate public relations announcements, unless they are judged newsworthy in themselves. Maintaining a distance from those companies preserves The Baron’s independence and freedom to report on them, irrespective of whether the news is deemed to be good or bad.

Becoming a Friend will help to ensure that The Baron continues to be free to do this.

As a token thank you for befriending The Baron you can elect to receive an alert whenever something new is added to the site. This can be an instant, daily or weekly e-mail according to your preferred subscription. At the same time, you can also choose to have your contact details listed in the Directory. Both of these facilities are optional. The choice is yours. All that is asked of you is a donation of £50 (or a similar amount in your local currency) a year - less than £1 a week - or whatever you can afford.

Joining is easy. Simply click on JOIN in the Friends of The Baron panel in the sidebar on the right.

Thank you for reading The Baron, and thank you for your support. ■