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The Baron thrives, but it needs you - please help

In its nine-year life, The Baron has built up over 1,000 daily page views and attracts a growing number of followers on Facebook and other social media. That represents a thriving community - but it can’t survive without financing. The site has to be upgraded from time to time, as it has been recently, and we’ll soon need to spend on editorial support for the news flow.  

The Baron is free to access, and that’s viable only if you chip in something, great or small. You can do this by becoming a Friend of The Baron - see It suggests you contribute £50 or equivalent - about what you’d spend on 20 cups of coffee a year. Of course, larger contributions are much appreciated. But if it’s only £20, that’s welcome too.

You don’t need to break the bank to keep The Baron going. 

But please smell the coffee, and step up to the table, for the sake of our community. ■