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Rick Norsworthy - patient, kind and thoughtful

Rick Norsworthy was a thorough professional - and a thoroughly nice guy. His journalism was classic agency. He was a stickler for reporting accuracy and as a sub-editor invariably added much-needed polish to hurried submissions from the field. His own reporting from war zones from Northern Ireland to Vietnam displayed great bravery in the face of life-threatening danger. Rick had a great sense of humour but spared little of it for some of the appalling politicians he encountered around the world - especially here at home in recent years. Despite struggling impatiently at times with his life-long stammer, he was always patient, kind and thoughtful to others, especially the youngsters around the world he skilfully groomed to take their rightful places as honest journalists in countries much in need. Rick handled his multitude of ailments in recent years - especially his advancing blindness - with courage and fortitude, and never any complaint. He will be sorely missed by his many friends around the globe. ■