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Reuters and AP: the version from the Archives

From 1937 onwards Reuters exchanged its world economic news delivered in London for the Dow Jones service of North American financial information, delivered in New York. No payment was made. Although there was no mention of exclusivity, Reuters did not sell its financial information in North America and Dow Jones did not sell its information to the rest of the world.

Thirty years later from 2 March 1967 Reuters Economic Services started to independently report out of North America, marking the end of the association with Dow Jones. From 1965, Dow Jones had announced its intention of marketing its ticker in Europe and ending Reuters rights to its material, and Dow Jones eventually joined up with AP. Their Economic report started on 1 April 1967. Dow Jones withdrew its ticker from Reuters New York office and Reuters withdrew its City ticker from Dow Jones’ London office. From 7 September 1967 the exchange agreement with AP ended and Reuters started independent general news coverage from inside the US. ■