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Great Hall of the People, Peking, 1973

While The Baron is in reminiscence mode, may I offer the attached picture: Peking, March 1973, the Great Hall of the People. The occasion: Britain was staging an Industrial Exhibition in Peking and assorted British journalists based in Hong Kong and UK, many of whom had never been to China, were invited. Along with the British journalists resident in Peking at the time, namely Reuters Bureau Chief Jim Pringle and myself, David Bonavia of The Times and Clare Hollingworth of The Daily Telegraph, the visitors plus assorted British diplomats including ambassador Sir John Addis were assembled in the Great Hall. To my surprise, at least, we were greeted briefly by Premier Zhou Enlai. There was no press conference, just a photo opp.

Asia hands of a certain age will recognise Derek Davies, Donald Wise, Anthony Lawrence and Dick Hughes, among others. BBC worthies included Aubrey Singer and Raymond Baxter.

For those who don't know us, Jim is in row two from the front, fourth from the left, and I'm at the back, in the middle. ■