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Refinitiv out? Reuters back in?

The news of the London Stock Exchange purchasing Refinitiv gladdened my heart, particularly if the LSE and Thomson Reuters directors sit around a table and negotiate a deal which scraps the farcical Refinitiv name and re-introduces the name Reuters in financial news, the source of the company's creation. One could call it Reuters Financial News, or even just Reuters Finance. This will restore strength to the debilitating stature of Reuters financial news under the name Refinitiv - a situation best illustrated by the recent genuflections before the Chinese authorities in removing Reuters news stories from the Refinitiv news source - see Refinitiv blocks Reuters stories on Tiananmen and Refinitiv removes another Reuters story from screens in China.

I last wrote about the change of name to Refinitiv Refinitiv? How about Regurgitiv? in The Baron on 30 September 2018. The reactions I received from current and ex-Reuterians was overwhelming. Reuters' reputation in financial news remains on top of the ladder and none of us can see the day when someone comes running into the dealing room shouting "I have the latest from Refinitiv”.

Mercifully, as a result of this latest buy-out, decision making is handed over to an institution which has Reuter's statue (photo) just around the corner from its Head Office in the City so let us hope that a mutually beneficial arrangement can be agreed between LSE and Thomson Reuters permitting the reinsertion of Reuters name in financial news.

If the LSE decides to hold a party to celebrate this restoration of the Reuters name in financial news and data I would be willing to fly 4,348.58 miles to attend it. Perhaps we could call it Rebinitiv Night? Or Redumptive Night? Or even Rescrapitiv Night? I'll drink to that. ■