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Phil Pullella - Generous with his time, infinitely patient

All of us correspondents who worked in Rome owe a huge debt of gratitude to Phil, ‘Pippo’.


Always generous with his time and infinitely patient, Phil coached many of us in the art of Vatican reporting - never far if we needed a guiding hand, and that meant even, and often, on his days off.


Master of the Rome slot, Phil made sure we rarely missed a beat and was selfless in backing up his colleagues when the big stories broke.


Phil was a fount of knowledge on Italian politics and culture, Italian film stars, A and B celebrities, mafiosi - the list goes on - but especially food and wine. Newcomers to the Rome bureau feasted on it all.


Great company too outside the office, Phil regaled countless meals with a stream of anecdotes from inside and outside the Vatican - often hilarious.


Who would not want Phil as a raconteur at their dinner table?


An extraordinary journalist, a kind and warm friend. Thank you, Phil. ■