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Kind people

So sad, I am reading today nothing but stories about kind people I worked for. John Stephens was one of them and a kinder boss I never had. One day at the end of the month I had worked out the monthly budget and sent it up to John's boss. Shortly afterwards I realised I had made a big mistake in it and told John. He just picked up the phone to his boss and said "I've made a mistake in the budget, please send it back for correction". That was John, most people would have told the boss I had made a mistake. RIP John.

Very sad to hear Max Siebenmann died at the same age as me. Indeed he was an amazing character, as John Albanie says. I was assistant manager Middle East under Max and based in Bahrain. I could write a book about life reporting to Max for 18 months or so but perhaps better to forget the truly incredible things we got up to in that time. Just RIP Max. ■