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Reuters emphasises Trust Principles

Reuters placed renewed emphasis on the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles as "our indispensable compass".

Editor-in-chief Stephen Adler (photo) told readers of “Created in 1941, in the midst of World War II, they call upon Reuters and its employees to act at all times with integrity, independence and freedom from bias. The Trust Principles were built into the charter of Reuters when it went public in 1984 and into the founding documents of the Thomson Reuters Corp. after it was formed in 2008.

“In their clarity and uncompromising standards, these principles have proven invaluable in guiding our journalists over the past 75 years, and they continue to help us report honestly and fairly in today’s challenging environment.”

Starting today, a link to the Trust Principles will appear at the bottom of all stories on

“In addition, from time to time, when we think it might be useful to the reader, we will also provide an explanation - which we are calling Backstory - of how we have reported a particular piece," Adler said. "Backstory will be presented as a statement of methodology or a Q&A with a Reuters journalist. These additions reflect our commitment not only to deliver accurate, unbiased news but to share more information about the way we work and the standards under which we operate.” ■