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Paul Iredale: Fine, witty and talented

I am truly saddened to learn from The Baron of Paul Iredale’s death. The tributes already published portray him very well - and speak of his joie de vivre. He was a friend I won’t forget. His passionate advocacy for the welfare of journalists, and sardonic humour, were there in almost every conversation.

At one time, we were both on the executive of the NUJ. We often spent times together in bars railing against media moguls and internal union politics during annual union meetings in faded English seaside towns. In two consecutive years, we stood for election to be the union’s vice-president - usually a two horse race that automatically led to being the president for a year. Paul analysed our defeats, I think correctly, by saying we hadn’t tried hard enough, didn’t really want the job, and weren’t organised.

Paul was a fine, witty and talented man who loved journalism and journalists. ■