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Hedge fund seeks injunction to block Reuters story

A British hedge fund has sought an injunction to prevent Reuters publishing a story that it says is based on confidential information.

A Reuters spokeswoman said: "Our objective is to publish news and information in the public interest, which we believe outweighs any confidentiality concerns in this matter."

A spokesman for Brevan Howard Asset Management, one of Europe's biggest hedge fund management firms, did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Under Britain's legal system, individuals and companies can file for privacy or confidentiality injunctions to try to stop the media publishing information that they say is confidential. The court orders are best known for their use by celebrities seeking to stop British newspapers publishing stories about their personal lives.

Most applications for privacy injunctions are granted. Their effectiveness has been questioned by some media lawyers as details of stories subject to the measures have often been shared on social media or published by overseas news outlets not subject to UK law.

In 2011 and 2012 there was a series of privacy injunction cases in Britain involving celebrities but applications for such orders has since declined. Between July and December last year there was just one new application, according to the latest official statistics.

A hearing date for the Brevan Howard injunction application has yet to be set. ■